Our Photo Gallery

We have successfully delivered 100's of large projects over the last 20 years and have many very happy customers.  As you can see, we are skilled at our work and take pride on every job to make sure we deliver great results.  This is a new gallery and we will be uploading new photos all the time.

 German smear

Brickwork fireplaces that the customer was not happy with and wanted German smear. Lime plastering over the brickwork.

 Lime plastering

Failed render so re lathed and 3 coats lime plaster with 3 coats of lime wash paint.

 Lime plastering of a kitchen ceiling.

Customer was not happy with the existing lime render on the ceiling between the timbers. So wanted it stripped down re lathed and plastered.


Working on church mouse barn and they wanted a mouse shaped from lime plaster.

 Wickhambrook lime plastering

Wickhambrook lime plastering. The previous lime plastering work was done 7 yrs ago and failed. Exposed laths so win gave Bclarkplastering a call. 6 weeks to complete the job as the old render had to be removed. Exposing all laths which were in good condition. 1 x warmcoat base coat 2 x lime coat Trowelled to a smooth finish following the building natural curves. 3 weeks drying time then 3 coats of lime wash paint.